Lulu’s personal story

Lulu was abandoned in the swamplands of South Florida as a puppy during the hot summer of 2009 when her mom found her. The Everglades is a dangerous place full of big snakes, alligators, panthers, all kinds of bugs that bite, and other creatures. It’s not a safe place for a young dog to be alone.

Fortunately, Lulu found a nearby farm where a nice lady gave her food, fresh water, and a safe place to sleep. It was there that Lulu’s mom found her and took her to her forever home.

For years Lulu and her mom went everywhere together having adventures in their Jeep, but Lulu’s mom had a dream to do even more…

One day they traveled far, far away to Italy. To go there they had to take a plane across the ocean. They no longer had their old Jeep where Lulu could ride in the back. So, to go on adventures around this new country they take trains, trams, and buses.

Lulu learned how to ride in elevators and on escalators so she doesn’t have to go up so many stairs in the tall modern apartment buildings. Her apartment now has a balcony where she can look at the neighbors and other dogs in the square below while her mom enjoys looking at the sea.

In Italy, Lulu has many friends and her favorite shop is the butcher’s at the end of the street. They always give her a bone when her mom goes in for fresh milk.

Even though Lulu and her mom have a new Jeep to travel around the country as they want again, they are currently stuck at home during the pandemic quarantine. Lulu’s mom decided this is a good time to start writing about some of their past adventures until they can travel again.


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